Sample Resume of a Caregiver

The increase in demand for caregivers results from a growth in the elderly population as the baby-boom generation ages. A professional caregiver takes on various tasks, including offering emotional and physical support, helping with light housekeeping duties, preparing meals, and accompanying the clients to medical appointments. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities of home health and personal care aides will grow much faster than the average for all occupations at a rate of 34 percent from 2019 to 2029.

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A resume of a caregiver that stands out is essential if you want to get a job in this field. There are different types of caregiver jobs. You can get work at nursing homes, hospice care, or work as a child caregiver.

The perfect resume template or resume builder can help you craft a resume that helps you beat the other candidates and get the job. You can check out our resume templates.

We will also look at some resume writing tips that will help you create a good caregiver resume that gets you your dream job.

Additional information about the Caregiver Resume.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industries with the highest levels of employment in Home Health and Personal Care Aides include individual and family services, home healthcare services, residential, mental health and substance abuse facilities, intellectual and developmental disability, vocational rehabilitation services and continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities for the elderly.

The average hourly salary for caregivers, including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay for entry-level and early-career professionals, is $11 per hour. Mid-career and late-career professionals get $12 per hour, and experienced professionals are paid $13 per hour.

The average hourly pay for a Caregiver is $11 (Payscale)

Example of a resume.

Linda Garcia

Denver, Colorado

Experienced and compassionate caregiver with more than eight years of experience working with diverse patient populations and delivering comprehensive patient care. A strong background in fostering good relationships and collaborating with healthcare/medical professionals to improve patient care.

Work experience
Sunshine Home
January 2020-Date

    Assisted clients with housekeeping duties, including preparing nutritious meals, house chores, and shopping trips.

    Provided compassionate care and emotional support to patients to improve their daily living conditions and overall outlook on life.

    Closely monitored safety practices while assisting disabled individuals to gain independence.

    Recorded the patients’ personal data on the primary database and accumulated more examples of managing patient health.

Rose care Nursing Home
June 2016-December 2019

    Promoted proper patient nutrition by documenting patient food intake, assisting with meal preparation, dietary requirements, and helped with feeding as necessary.

    In charge of the medication management of ten patients and followed patient care plans to determine and administer essential medications.

    Responsible for identifying the course of treatment for patients in response to patient alarms and needs assessment requests.

Denver Community College
Associate Degree in Nursing
December 2015


    Interpersonal skills

    First aid training


    Communication skills

    Patient care


Volunteered at the Pearl Children’s Home once a week in high school.

How to make a Caregiver Resume – Example:

A caregiver resume should showcase your skills and experience in caregiving, explaining why you are the best person for the job. It is crucial to personalize the resume for each job you apply to because using one generic resume will cause you to lose many opportunities. Some of the ways you can personalize your caregiver resume include:

  • Use the correct resume format for your resume.
  • Use the right keywords and action verbs to ensure the applicant tracking systems do not filter out your resume.
  • Write a resume summary that captures the hiring manager’s attention and compels them to read the rest of your resume.
Hiring managers use ATS systems to filter out resumes that do not meet the minimum requirements. Using the right keywords and action verbs that you can find in the job description can help you get to the next level of the recruitment process.

The layout of the Caregiver Resume.

The best format for your caregiver resume is the reverse-chronological resume format. It allows you to focus on your experience and is a favorite of most hiring managers because it is easy to scan on ATS systems.

The structure of the Caregiver Resume

There are two other formats you can consider using for your caregiver resume. One is the functional resume, also known as a skills-based resume. It focuses on your skills and is perfect if you don’t have much experience or are changing careers.

The other format is the combination/hybrid resume. It focuses on your skills and experience and also works well if you have some experience.

The structure of your caregiver resume should have the following sections.

  • The header section
  • Professional resume summary/objective
  • Work experience
  • Education section
  • Skills section
  • An additional section (interests, awards/honors, volunteer experiences, languages, computer skills, and certifications)

Start with the header of the Caregiver Resume.

The header section on your caregiver resume contains your full name, job title, and a link to your website or LinkedIn profile.

Example of a good header

Mariana Foster

Chicago, Illinois

Example of a bad header

Mariana Foster

3rd Avenue, Woodvale Creek
House number 25
Chicago, Illinois
Date of birth 05/05/1989

You don’t need to give out too much personal information.

Is a photo required in the Caregiver Resume?

It is better to leave a photo out of your resume because some hiring managers believe it increases discrimination and unconscious bias against candidates. 80% of US companies say they would not consider an applicant who has a photo in their resume. However, if you must have a photo in your resume, it should be professional.

Choosing your Caregiver Resume Title

It’s essential to personalize each job title to the position you are applying for because it varies for different jobs and companies.

Professional summary/profile

A professional resume summary is a short paragraph after the header that summarizes your professional accomplishments, experience, and skills in your resume. It should be well-written to get the hiring manager’s attention and compel them to read the rest of your resume.

Experienced Nurse with over eight years of experience, high attention to detail and strong clinical skills, looking to progress to a Caregiver role. A strong track record of delivering highly effective care plans to meet patients’ preferences and available resources. Excellent at researching cases and paying meticulous attention to details.
Effective caregiver with experience taking care of the elderly and other physically challenged individuals. Looking to get caregiver work at your organization.
A caregiver resume objective is perfect for recent graduates and anyone changing careers and does not have much experience. It summarizes your career goals and skills and allows you to express your passion for the job.

Work Experience in the Caregiver Resume

A professional caregiver resume should always have this section because it shows the hiring manager what you can do based on your previous work history.

Describe your professional experiences on your Caregiver Resume

Your professional experience section usually has a list of your previous workplaces, job titles, and the employment dates at each workplace. It is better to add the relevant experience and leave out any experience that is not relevant to the position you want to get. It is also vital to list at least three to five duties and responsibilities using bullet points at each workplace.

If you want your application to stand out, you should quantify your achievements using figures at each workplace. This helps show the hiring manager the value you will be bringing to the company.

Examples of professional experiences for Caregiver Resume beginner/junior

Here is an example

Bold Limited Nursing Home
July 2015-July 2017
    Promoted a strong and trusting relationship with clients and other third-party affiliates to deliver the best service possible.

    Assisted clients with their everyday tasks, including personal hygiene, feeding, and movement using walkers, wheelchairs, or canes.

    Engaged patients in games, including activities that involved staff members to create positive moods, improve memory and resident and staff engagement.

Examples of work experience for Senior Caregiver resume.

Here is an example.

Certified Caregiver
Static Nursing Home
February 2014- December 2018
    Examined and provided first aid to patients suffering lacerations, contusions, and other physical symptoms to determine the need for further attention.

    Carefully and safely utilized mobility devices and equipment to transport clients from one place to another.

    Responsible for using aseptic techniques to thoroughly clean and sanitize rooms and equipment to aid in the prevention of infection and cross-contamination.

Education in the Caregiver Resume

Caregiver resume samples will always have this section because it is a vital section of your resume that can help set you apart from other job seekers. Some caregiver jobs will require a college degree, others will only require a high school diploma, and others will require a college degree. An entry-level position will most likely not require any formal education. If you have any educational qualifications, you should add them in this section, as seen in many caregiver resume examples. You can check out our resume examples.

Should you start with education or work experience?

You can start with education or experience, depending on the resume format you choose. If you use the reverse-chronological format, you will begin with experience. If you choose a functional resume format, you will start with skills and education.

How to properly list your education in a Caregiver Resume?

When listing your education under this section, you will start with the school’s name, degree earned, and program length. If you have a Master’s degree, you can leave out the high school diploma.

Example of the Education section of a Caregiver Resume

Here is an example

University of Chicago
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
December 2016

Libertyville High School
High School Diploma
July 2011

Skills to put in the resume for a Caregiver Resume.

A great caregiver resume should have a mix of technical skills and soft skills that allow the candidate to perform their duties effectively and efficiently. This is because you will need to cater to many patients, which requires specific skills and abilities. Every caregiver resume sample has this section, and you can always refer to one if you are not sure of how you’ll add your skills to your resume.

What are the main skills sought for a Caregiver Resume?

You should list the skills on your caregiver resume in bullet point form as this makes it easier for the hiring manager to see them. Some of the skills you need to have on your resume include:

Hard skills

  • First aid
  • Clean Driving record
  • Healthcare provider CPR
  • Meal preparation
  • Emergency response
  • Sanitation Standards
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Housekeeping

Soft skills

  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • Physical stamina
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization skills
  • Compassion

What skills for a junior

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Documentation/record keeping
  • Teamwork
  • Maintaining patient charts
  • Multitasking
  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
  • Safe patient handling

What skills for a qualified senior

  • Prescribing medication
  • Training staff
  • Evaluating medical services
  • Analytical skills
  • Decision-making
  • Patient care
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Blood glucose testing devices

Write the Ideal Resume Hook for a Caregiver Resume.

A resume hook is a set of words that describes your professional achievements and value proposition. You can write it as a testimonial, quote, personal description, or achievement.

Example of a tagline for a junior employee

Compassionate Caregiver with extensive expertise in technical, clerical, and patient support. Excellent communication skills with both patients and staff.

Sample tagline for a senior level

Certified Caregiver with over ten years of experience in nursing and healthcare. Highly skilled at all aspects of care and achieving the very best outcome for patients. Strong leadership, delegation, and mentoring skills.

Additional Headings for your Caregiver Resume.

Being a caregiver means that you have to be selfless, which must be evident in your resume. You will have to show prospective employers what makes you unique compared to the other job seekers if you want to land a caregiver job. While no two caregiver resumes are the same, you may be tied on qualifications with another candidate.

The best way to set yourself apart is to add an additional section to your resume. You can check out a caregiver resume example to see some of the sections you can add in this section. Some of the sections include interests, computer skills, certifications, and languages.

Let’s look at them in detail.

Computer skills and certifications

If you have computer skills that stand out, you should add them under this section instead of the skills section. This allows the hiring manager to see them quickly when they are going through your resume.

Your certifications should also have a separate section, even though you’ve probably seen a sample resume that has this under the education section. While it’s okay, it makes it hard for the recruiting manager to see them. Certifications that will help your caregiver resume stand out include:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training
  • First-aid certified and Emergency care
  • Caregiver Certification For Hospice, Palliative, And End-Of-Life Care
The average hiring manager spends less than ten seconds on a resume so you want to ensure what could potentially make you stand out is easily seen.


The interests on your caregiver resume should fit the profile of the job. If they do not fit the profile, it is better to leave them out of your resume. For example, tutoring children or volunteering at a home shelter are great interests to have on your caregiver resume.


It is always better to have a separate languages section on your resume. If you are bilingual, you don’t want the hiring manager to miss it. This is a unique skill to have as a caregiver and can help you get the job over the other candidates. You should list your languages using the official language reference as follows:

  • IELTS or TOEFL for English(with a score of 30 and above)
  • SIELE for Spanish
  • Goethe Zertifikat for German(with a score of 60% and above)

Summary: Key points for writing a perfect Caregiver Resume

Here are the main takeaways from this article

  • The right resume format is essential because it is the first thing the recruiting manager will see.
  • Use the right keywords and action verbs in your resume to increase your chances of landing an interview.
  • Write a resume summary that captures the hiring manager’s attention to compel them to read the rest of your resume.

Write a cover letter that goes with your Caregiver Resume

A cover letter gives you a chance to talk about your achievements and express your passion for the job. While most hiring managers do not ask for cover letters, you should always accompany your resume with one to ensure it stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a caregiver put on their resume?

A caregiver should have a header section, resume summary/objective, work experience, education, skills, and an additional section(volunteer experiences, interests/hobbies, languages, and certifications)

What are the duties and responsibilities of a caregiver?

  • Assist the patient in moving from one place to another.
  • Prepare meal plans.
  • Assess the patient’s medical needs.
  • Assist with housekeeping duties.
  • Assist with daily tasks such as bathing and grooming.
  • Monitor the healthcare performance of the patient.
  • Offer companionship to ensure the patient is not lonely.
  • Accompany the client to doctors’ appointments.
  • Handle a crisis or medical emergency.
  • Order and pick up medications from the pharmacy for the client.

What is a good bio for a caregiver?

A good caregiver bio should showcase the required qualities for a caregiver, such as sympathy, compassion, loving, and consideration. You can also include specific work examples to showcase what you can do. For example, I read Dorothy a book every day before she went to sleep, and she loved that.

What are some caregiver skills?

Some of the skills every caregiver should have include compassion, reliability, time management, patience, meal preparation, and emergency response.

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