Personal Training Resume

Hard work, consistency, and precision are needed to build a physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger but it is easier to build a good-looking personal trainer resume that will attract a lot of attention if you know how. A personal training resume, if made correctly can boost the growth of your career significantly.

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To have a good physique is one thing but it’s only your personal training resume that will show the world your qualifications and knowledge about fitness and make them believe that your well-built physique is not the result of any ‘bro-science’ but from factual educational courses and certifications.

Additional Information About The Personal Trainer Resume

A certified personal trainer on average earns an annual salary of around $39,000 with an average base hourly rate of $19 (

Important: – A candidate’s hourly wage is usually determined by their experience and educational qualifications so having personal trainer certification is worthwhile.

The more education and experience one has as a personal trainer, the more they are supposed to earn. Hence you can easily earn more than the average annual income if you also have a good client record to back you up.

Here are some popular employers to know:

  • Anytime Fitness Inc
  • YMCA
  • 24 Hour Fitness Inc.
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Crunch Fitness

Personal Trainer Resume Examples

Oscar Trent
Senior Personal Trainer
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Professional Summary
Driven senior personal trainer with 10 years of experience in CrossFit training and personal meal plan designing. Dedicated and inspirational leader with extensive experience in team development and a strong reputation when it comes to assessing business needs, improving efficiency, increasing sales, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Work Experience
Fitness First – Senior Personal Trainer
April 2013- current Brooklyn. NV

    Created new programs for clients to follow and monitored their progress.

    Clients were supervised and instructed on how to avoid injuries while performing exercises.

    Used FitLinxx to introduce new members to facility services and protocols.

    Conducted workout and skill development classes for clients of all ages.

    Documented training sessions for each client and kept records of rates charged to report to gym owner

Bachelor of Arts
Brooklyn High | NY Central


    Fitness equipment operation

    File/records maintenance


    Zumba instructor

    Fitness programming specialist

    Client Relations

    Customer Satisfaction through one on one sessions


    Creative Problem Solving

    Multi-Task Management

Personal Training

How to make a Personal Trainer Resume

You must be wondering now that you have made all the hard work and gathered all the knowledge that you’re now ready to train anyone. So why would you need a fitness instructor resume?

Well, fitness centers and gyms today are becoming professional, high-paying businesses. They have hiring managers who study all job seekers precisely, and they provide health and dental benefits as well. The fitness industry has boomed up to a whole new level which requires a level of business sophistication. Only being fit won’t get you a job. You need to have a personal trainer resume to make your argument why you’re the best candidate for the job and we will help you to craft the perfect professional resume.

Before we get started with all the specifics and the contents of a resume, we first need to decide what type of resume we are making. There are 3 types of resume formats mentioned below: –

    Reverse Chronological – In reverse chronology resume format, you begin with your most recent experience and work your way backward until your first encounter.
    Functional – People with little or no work experience typically use the Functional CV format, which emphasizes their educational background and skills.
    Combination CVs are the most popular CV format. Presented chronologically and functionally, it blends the best features of both.

Choosing the right resume format gives you a direction to move forward. The content of your personal trainer resume will flow based on your selected format thus providing you a seamless direction to present yourself.

The layout of the Personal Trainer Resume

A personal trainer’s resume layout is just like a chiselled six pack, you must put some work in to make it look great.

The visual appeal plays a very major role subconsciously as hiring managers always judge your profile by the choice of your template as it shows your decision-making ability. A well-presented CV always leaves a mark, irrespective of your qualifications.

Even though we all like to make an impression by adding something extra to our resumes, try to refrain from being too creative and stick to the basic format of subtle colored templates with proper divisions of all the required sections. You can use one of our perfect resume templates if you really want to look professional.

If you find yourself scratching your head at the mention of layout and fonts, perhaps you could opt to go straight to our online resume builder at resume example to learn from different personal trainer resume templates and get started on a resume that will get you hired.

The structure of a Personal Trainer Resume

The structure of your trainer’s resume gives a face to your layout. It consists of all the sections that will describe you as a person and show the hiring manager why you’re worthy of the position.

This is the standard globally accepted pattern of the structure: –

    Professional Summary / Objective
    Work Experience
    Additional Info (interests, hobbies, etc.)

The above structure is followed by the candidates having a quality amount of work experience to show. For those of you who have recently completed their educational certifications and are freshers in this field, rearrange the order by putting education and skills first instead of experience.

Start with the Header of the Personal Trainer Resume

The resume header is the space where you write your name, job title, and contact details.

However, even the header for a persona trainer resume can be tricky as people at times as people tend to often make mistakes here.

Don’t use fancy fonts on your resume, especially in the header. The name should be bold, followed by your existing job title, if not, write the job title you’re applying for. The contact details must include your address, phone number, and email address.

I’m going to tell you a little trick you might find useful. Most personal trainers have social media pages like on Instagram or Facebook, etc where they post content related to diet plans, workout regimes, and whatnot. If that’s the case, always mention your username for the above said social networks for the hiring managers to see your work.

Is a photo required in Resumes for Personal Trainers?

You might think that adding a photo of your 6 pack abs might look good on your personal trainer resume but that’s not how it works. Most recruiters won’t accept applications with photos included for fear of being accused of discriminating against applicants based on looks.

So it’s safer to avoid adding a photo to your resume as the recruiter might reject your application if you do.

Choosing your Personal Trainer Title

As the title comes just under your name, you must be very careful selecting one. As explained before, if you’re already working as a personal trainer, you can mention your exact job title like fitness instructor, gym manager, etc. If you’re looking for your dream job as a fresher, write the job title that you’re applying for according to the personal trainer job description.

Professional Summary of a Personal Trainer

As serious as it sounds, a professional summary holds a heavy weightage for your trainer’s resume.

A professional summary is a quick roundup of your major skills and qualifications. A personal trainer resume summary takes all the best parts of your CV and summarises it into a small paragraph of not more than 5 lines, keeping it crisp enough to not give away too much information but also enticing to make the hiring manager or the gym manager hooked.

Our team at resume example has created some examples to let you excel at landing your dream job: –

Fitness professional with 7 years of experience in health and fitness training. Proven ability to motivate clients to reach their long-term and short-term goals. Successfully designs training sessions to accommodate client skills and abilities. A dependable and punctual employee in peak physical condition.
Accomplished and ambitious personal trainer with years of experience in strategic planning and managing client relationships.
Driven senior personal trainer with 10 years of experience in CrossFit training and personal meal plan designing. An inspiring and conscientious leader with a strong background in team development and a solid reputation for assessing business needs, developing cost-saving solutions, increasing sales, and driving customer satisfaction.
Ability to work in a busy environment, meet multiple deadlines, and remain focused.
You’ll love our online CV builder if you’d like to see some other excellent summary examples. It automatically generates job-specific summaries. Select the one you prefer, and then it appears on your resume. Simplifying the whole process.

Alternate to professional summary: Personal Trainer Resume Sample Objective

A resume objective is the professional summary equivalent for candidates with very little to no professional experience to end your confusion.

The objective emphasizes your key skills, educational qualifications, and your will to prove why you’d be an asset to the company.

We have some amazing sample objectives on our online resume builder at resume example: –

Personal Trainer with training in metabolic testing, nutrition, and weight management with severe theoretical experience in conducting individual training sessions in a progressive fitness studio. Received formal training in business development. Proven communication and leadership skills.
Fitness Coach wishing a successful career in implementing effective exercise plans designed specifically for client’s needs.
Motivating Fitness Trainer with BMI knowledge and 2 years of experience in performing fitness assessments including strength training and cardiovascular training. Energetic with proven ability to network and counsel clients regarding their health and fitness goals. Seeking a challenging position as a personal fitness trainer.
Talented Fitness Instructor with the ability to provide nutritional counseling and specific exercise programs designed to achieve client’s goals.

Personal Trainer Resume

Work Experience for Personal Trainer Resumes

For a personal trainer, experience is something that serves as the key ingredient as the type of job a trainer is invested in, experience matters the most!

But if you don’t know how to properly project your work history, you might end up ruining your chances, which of course we don’t want.

Describe your professional experiences on your Personal Trainer Resume

Describing your professional experience requires you to follow certain rules where the most important one is to be precise. You must always be very accurate about what job roles you performed as it will show the type of duties you might be able to undertake if selected.

The description must not increase to more than 2 lines as it should be easy to read while consisting of all your work.

Check out the following work experience examples by resume example:

    Monitored clients’ progress by creating new programs.

    Supervised clients while they performed exercises and provided instruction and assistance to avoid injuries.

    Used FitLinxx to introduce new members to facility services and protocols.

    Conducted workout and skill development classes for clients of all ages.

    Documented training sessions for each client and kept records of rates charged.

    Assisted in club activities to attract new members and increase sales.

    Provided all members with video instructions.

    Held weekly meetings to discuss staff performance and make suggestions to improve motivation and increase productivity to meet company goals.

    Mediated disputes between club fitness employees and management.

    Collaborated with all staff to maintain a clean, well-organized, and friendly health club.

    Gave dedicated diet charts with proper nutrition

    Made specific routines for clients for strength training

    Created a new exercise science

    Developed training programs for members

    Helped clients with personalized fitness planning

    Handled record of what clients achieve with what fitness program.

    Invented dynamic workout programs with various gym equipment

    Counted class attendance at the conclusion of each class.

    Attended every training session on time and ready to learn.

    Created fitness programs

    Helped people with personal training

    Developed new exercise programs

    Performed my trainer duties

    Re-arranged exercise equipment

    Helped people achieve their fitness goals for a healthy lifestyle

    Developed new exercise science

    Gave expert tips

    Also held yoga classes

    Made new clients

    Handled personal data

Education in the Personal Trainer Resume

Your job as a fitness trainer allows you to deal with developing diet charts, fitness programs, etc. You’re responsible for your client’s health as you create personalized diet regimes where you have to take into consideration their allergies, etc. Hence, education is highly valued by clients.

Having more personal training certifications will of course upskill your CV.

Just like work experience, even educational qualifications must always be put into bullet points as you should always mention very precise learnings from your various educational experiences.

Should you start with education or work experience in a Personal Training Resume?

Candidates who have prior work experience in this field, or who have ever held any position that highlights their skills, should always begin with their work experience, otherwise, education comes first.

Skills to put on a Personal Training Resume

There’s no wonder the more experience you have, the more your results for clients will improve. However, you also develop skills during your educational ride towards becoming a personal trainer. But as much as education is of high importance so are skills.

Listing your personal training skills in your trainer’s resume projects your strengths towards the recruiter. Your skills list impacts their decision-making as your qualifications are always compared with the candidates and are cross verified with your existing experience and education.

In a resume, skills are differentiated between soft skills and hard skills and mentioned in a list format for ease of reading.

Here are some examples of key skills that you can use to boost your trainer resume: –

Hard Skills-

  • Fitness equipment operation
  • File/records maintenance
  • Gymnast
  • Zumba instructor
  • Fitness programming specialist
  • CrossFit Coach
  • Agility drills expert
  • Wellness coach
  • Weight training expertise
  • Karate instructor
  • Yoga instructor
  • Nutrition supplement familiarity
  • Creating exercise programs

Soft Skills-

  • Client Relations
  • Customer Satisfaction through one on one sessions
  • Safety-conscious
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Multi-Task Management
  • Team player
  • Converting new clients
  • Motivator
  • Dedicated

Additional Headings for your Personal Trainer Resume

Additional headings are the sections that almost every other resume has as it compliments the overall structure of the resume and gives an additional push to your trainer resume.

One must always be smart enough to use these headings as they are added. They must always be included until necessary.

For a personal trainer resume, additional headings like certifications and achievements are the most important ones to be included as they are more of an extension of their educational qualifications and work experience.

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Personal

Trainer Resume

  • Keep a simple layout that doesn’t overshadow your profile. Have a look at our online resume builder at resume example for a professional personal trainer resume with HR-approved resume templates.
  • If you have some work experience to show, even a little, never shy away from mentioning it in your trainer resume summary.
  • Write about the skills and qualifications mentioned in the personal trainer job description while writing a personal trainer resume objective.
  • You should even include the short period certifications skills and courses you’ve undertaken.
  • As much as hard skills, soft skills hold an equal level of importance.
  • Mention specifically what duties you performed at work.
  • Write your job title based on the job description and different various jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Personal Trainer Resume

How do you describe personal training on a resume?

Always project your most weighted accomplishments and skills first that present you as a strong contender. You then follow suit by explaining your work experience and educational qualifications and finish it off with your skills. You may then add some additional sections just to prove more of your worth.

How do you write a personal trainer CV?

Even though it depends upon the candidate what type of format he/she wants to set up, a personal trainer resume should be made using a combination format followed by your work experience, education, and skills. You should also send a cover letter with your resume which gives you a chance to tell the hiring managers more about yourself than just your resume.

What are 2 traits of a bad personal trainer?

The two bad traits of a personal trainer are lack of client relationship building and relying on just bro-science.

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